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Training Programs

Embracing a commitment to excellence, Mandeville Karate redefines the approach to martial arts education. Our philosophy rejects binding contracts and the burden of regular mass testing, ensuring your child's development remains paramount. Without mass testing, students ascend through ranks based on their individual progress within the class. Black belt stands as the sole test, held before a board of our instructors. This meticulous process serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards for both our students and the martial art itself.

Women's Self-Defense
Empower Yourself

Self-defense should be simple, easy to grasp, and truly effective. Our comprehensive 4-week program embodies these principles.

During the program, we delve into critical aspects such as situational awareness, fundamental striking techniques, strategic movement, identifying vulnerable target areas, escaping from grabs, and utilizing the Kubaton self-defense tool. Above all, our goal is to instill the confidence, assertiveness, and situational awareness necessary to repel potential attackers and prevent dangerous situations.

Next program - Apr 23 – May 16

Tuesday & Thursday - 7-8pm


Little Samurai

Our Little Samurai program is specifically designed for children ages 6-7 years old, and is focused on improving their coordination, athleticism, self-discipline, listening, and direction following skills.

Our program incorporates a daily point system that is based on the students's focus and effort during class, helping to instill a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Classes meet once a week on Fridays 2 times, making it easy to fit into a busy schedules.

Our program is priced at $119 per month with no contracts, giving parents the flexibility to enroll their child without long-term commitments.

Through our martial arts program, your child will develop valuable life skills that extend beyond the dojo, and gain a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance.


Youth Martial Arts
Ignite Potential

Our Youth (8-10) and Teen (11-15) Martial Arts programs prioritize athleticism, discipline, focus, and character development in a nurturing environment.

Our experienced instructors foster growth and positivity, instilling the confidence and discipline essential for success in all aspects of life. With one-hour classes twice a week, your child progresses comfortably at their own pace. We tailor our approach to each student's unique learning style, ensuring both challenge and support.

With our Introductory Program priced at $149 per month with no contracts, our program offers the opportunity to grow without contractual commitment. 


Adult Training
Self-Defense/Movement in a friendly environment

Welcome to our practical Karate program designed to boost your confidence and real-life protection skills. Our welcoming environment fosters growth, making skill development comfortable and supportive.

Classes are held at 7 pm, blending seamlessly with your busy life. With no contracts, you have the flexibility to tailor your training to your priorities.

Beyond self-defense, our training enhances cardiovascular health, joint flexibility, balance, and more.

Whether you're a novice or a Karate enthusiast, our tailored program supports your goals. Join us to embark on a journey of physical and mental development.

Unleash your potential – explore self-defense and lifelong skills. Connect with us today to learn more about Adult Karate or secure a FREE TRIAL through the link on the home page. Your transformative journey awaits.

Experience a FREE trial week to discover firsthand if our program suits you.


Homeschool P.E. 

Registration opens  February 1st - Classes begin March 5th


We are now offering 2 classes per week with a “punch card’ membership. This flexible system allows you to purchase a specific number of classes instead of a monthly membership, giving you the freedom to use them as and when you please. There will be an average of 8 classes offered per month and you may attend as much or as little as your schedule allows. We will start with. 1 class per day until there is enough to split by age.


4 Classes - $69
8 Classes - $119
16 classes - $219


One of the highlights of our revamped program is the introduction of a structured two-week rotating curriculum. This means that your child will have the opportunity to explore different physical activities and develop new skills throughout the year. We have carefully designed the curriculum to include two weeks of karate and two weeks of structured athletic development, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging experience for your child.

Ranking system

In addition to the exciting curriculum and flexible membership options, we have also implemented a T-shirt ranking system based on our karate belt colors. Ranks will be earned by the number of classes attended. This fun incentive will motivate your child to attend regularly and strive for higher ranks. Not only will they feel a sense of accomplishment, but they will also proudly showcase their progress through their earned T-shirt ranks and ultimately gain more from the program.

Self-Disciple cards

We have also decided to implement our Self-discipline cards used in our youth karate programs. These cards encourage children to pitch-in around the house, become self-sufficient, practice on their own, and create good routines. These cards are a rank requirement for all our karate programs and will be the same for Homeschool P.E.

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