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At Mandeville Karate we believe in the quality of our product. Your family. We do not believe in contracts to hold your 8 yr old in an activity he/she does not enjoy or mass testing every few months. All memberships are monthly and Ranks are awarded individually in class based on that students progression. Black belt is the only test, and is done in front of the board of our lineage instructors. This is done to ensure the quality of our students and our martial art remains high. 


Little Samurai

Our Little Samurai program is for the 5, 6, and 7 year olds, ready to start their martial arts journey. This program teaches the basic kicks, punches, blocks, and overall athletic ability for our system of Karate while maintaining a focus on respect, manners, following directions, and self-discipline. The class is designed so that any new student may join on any day without feeling behind. Classes are fun, fast, and structured with little down time.

At the end of each class, students receive a grade based on their focus and effort for the day. They will receive a star (2 points), check (1 point), or an X (0 points) with a brief explanation of why. Every 4 points earns them a stripe on their belt. 4 stripes in addition to a self-discipline stripe for completing a self-discipline card earns each new belt for this program. With consistent good grades, the student will earn a new belt approximately every 2 months. These belts are specific to this program and do not carry over into the standard program as it requires a larger variety of technical skill sets with longer periods of time-in-rank between each belt. Students will be invited individually to join the next level when they have consistently shown the necessary athletic, focus and effort levels. Age and belt level do not matter if the necessary developmental aspects are shown.

This class meets once a week on Fridays @ 4:30 for 45 minutes. We welcome you and your Little Samurai to come watch or jump right in and try it out. If your little one is too shy, jump in alongside them and enjoy the fun. If you would like to try a class, please sign up in the drop down menu of the Mandeville Karate home page and choose the Free trial membership. No need to input a credit until you decide to join. 


Youth Martial Arts

For our youth program, the Journey starts in the introductory class. Whether they are brand new to karate, graduating from the Little Samurai program or transferring from another school, all new students start here to learn the Basic techniques and training methods of our school. This class meets twice a week for one hour. It is currently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 PM. This class can be split into two age groups depending on size of class with age range. This program typically last 3-5 months depending on the students consistency and progression. 

When the student earns their yellow belt and graduates the intro program, they move to 1 of 2 standard youth classes separated by age/size. These classes meet twice A week for 75 minutes each. Here, the students will build upon what was learned in the intro program while adding so much more. Including sparring, traditional weapons, leadership skills , and tournament competition. 


Adult Training Program

Our adult program starts in a small introductory class currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. It meets for one hour twice a week. 

Here you will learn the fundamentals of our system and the different training methods. Students that have trained in other systems can use this time to see the differences and learn the reasoning for both. 

When ready, adult students move to the standard class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 PM. Our friendly adult class is comprised mostly of students that trained in other systems of martial arts any number of years ago, parents that started after watching their children train here, veterans, and law-enforcement.


Homeschool PE

Our homeschool physical education program meets once a week on Fridays at mid day. This class is separated into two age groups, 5-9 and 10 to teen. This class is A combination of self defense based on the Karate introductory program taught by Sensei Scott Shook and the “Primitive play”program designed and created by Coach Josh Curry.



Primitive Play: Current generations of children are often in an unfortunate all-or-nothing situation for physical development. Many children have very little movement in their day while other children are put into one or two sports at a young age and repeat the same movements for years. Both situations are problematic to physical development. To address this problem I developed a program for children that teaches them basic human movement patterns - crawling, running, leaping, jumping, climbing, and carrying. Using these fundamental movements my coaches and I create small goals, games, or obstacle courses that provide variety of movement and enhance communication skills. Our goal is to form a physically, mentally, and socially well-rounded child.

- Coach Josh Curry

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