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Here's what one parent has to say about us:

"My daughter was aggressive and I had some reserves about her taking karate but she has channeled this aggression and is more confident with herself and is comfortable walking away from a confrontation. The instructors have helped her to improve and to be the best she can be. I also have a son who is more of a quiet person. Karate has given him more confidence and he now is more able to express himself. He loves karate and the instructors."

Kim Villars - R.N.

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August 2012


Mandeville Karate Training Center is a top notch facility where you and your children can learn the art of karate.  They offer a variety of classes and times that allow you to fit your schedule.  Over the years of having my children at MKTC I have seen improvement in their confidence and self esteem.                            --Scott Carbajal, MD


We have been a part of the Mandeville Karate family for over a year now.  I say family, because that is how welcoming they make you and your family feel.  My son has learned self confidence and control.  His 6th birthday party here was a mother's dream.  They took care of everything.  No stress at all.                         -- Kim Johnson, Nurse


Our sons have participated in MKTC classes for one year.  Both are more confident in public situations, when meeting new people, and are excited about competing.

                                --Chris and Laura C, Education Consultants


My two sons have only been taking classes for a couple of weeks. The change that I have seen with my two children has been remarkable.  Their confidence has increased and they are doing chores around the house, which has been great.  My oldest has been extremely motivated to achieve marks on his self-discipline card.  This has been, and will continue to be, a great experience for my children.  Keep up the great work.  Well done!!                                                        -- Louis Calato, LSP Trooper



November 2011


Forty-five years old and a herniated lumbar disc - that was my condition when I decided to start Karate with Sensei Travis Bush at Mandeville Karate.  Crazy?  Actually, it was the perfect decision.  Karate training emphasizes flexibility through stretching and dynamic movement.  It also increases mental discipline through Karate forms (or Katas) and physical fitness and alertness through sparring.  Beginning Karate in your 40s or 50s is not a problem.  In fact, it is very satisfying - and Sensei Travis, his wife, Keri, and all the students make you feel right at home.  It really is a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.                -- David Schexnaydre, Lawyer



 I believe Mandeville Karate has been a great influence on my daughter.  Recently at the State Championships I was extremely impressed to see how the teenage students interacted with and encouraged the younger students.  I believe my daughter will learn these traits at Mandeville Karate.         --Cathy Moroney, Accountant


January 2011

We started our son here a few years ago based on recommendations from others, and we have never regretted it!  He spent years playing tennis, running track, playing soccer, and even gymnastics, but nothing has improved his endurance, flexibility, and coordination like karate.  Mentally, he has grown into a very self-confident young man who takes pride in how far he has come and eagerly looks forward to take his victories and defeats, as well as those of others, with grace and good humor. 

The dojo is spacious, well-lit, and very clean.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about their sport.  Unlike some other karate programs, the Mandeville Karate Training Center offers free introductory classes and best of all, NO CONTRACTS to sign!  They know your child will keep coming back because he or she WANTS to, not because you're locked into a long term contract.  The dojo truly has become a home-away-from-home for our son, and we could not imagine him being anywhere else!                         

                                                         Michael and Sandra Barrios


Mr. Travis is the best instructor and Mrs. Keri the best administrator.  Together they run the best karate school on the Northshore, possibly in all of South Louisiana.  Tour the facility and the wall of awards speak for the professionalism but watch a class and you'll see why kids and adults love this family-style dojo.                             Toni O.

We love the calm yet positive encouragement.         Rachel Wiggins

Jacob is much more confident and respectful.  He has learned to be self-disciplined in school work and house work.  Mandeville Karate has definitely been a positive experience for my son and our family.                                                                                   Sarah Kruppa

The results of my grandson's participation in Mandeville Karate is very positive.  His self-esteem has improved as well as his attention span and focus.                                  Janice H.,  Retired Teacher

Karate has been a blessing for my socially awkward, Asperger's type kid.  He now has confidence that he can excel at something athletic and his attitude is much better overall as well.             Kerri Whitten


February 2007


I love Mandeville Karate! My boys are much more confident, respectful, and stronger thanks to Mr. Joe and his staff. The fact that they love the kids is the greatest part. You can tell that they enjoy what they do and it rubs off on their students. I would recommend Mandeville Karate to anyone who is looking for a place to help your child grow.

Kerrie Landreth



You have helped create in our son something we always tried to make him understand that we feel is very important, that is a great attitude in life. Dallas is always eager to win and he's very competitive, but he's not afraid to lose. He is learning to channel his emotions at the right time and in the right place. We are very proud of him. Our sonís developments and improvements at your school has helped us to understand his character and courage; this gives us pride and satisfaction. Thank you for all your help.

Miguel Matamoros, General Contractor


Mr. Joe is very knowledgeable about the behavior and thought processes of children. He and the other instructors are able to keep the children engaged and learning. His program definitely increases self-esteem and confidence.

Yvonne Holmes



Our son has always been soft spoken and one who would seldom stand up for himself. His confidence has improved unbelievably and he believes in himself now.

Michelle Pennino, Real Estate Agent



This program has really improved my 2 boys' (in the program) self-esteem and self discipline. They both are really working towards their personal goals.

Jolie Goodreau , Teacher



Since being a student at Mandeville Karate I have noticed that my child has gained a lot of confidence and self-esteem. His grades have improved as well as his manners. Thanks for all you do!

Amy Dozier , Paralegal


I was shocked to hear friends talk about other karate places that "screamed" at the kids the whole class. I have found karate to be a calm, family oriented atmosphere. Lots of instructors means more hands on teaching and attention. I like how the kids get special attention when they need it and like the encouraging words when they get discouraged.

Kim Lofaso, Registered Nurse


My daughter has become more responsible in everything she does. I really like the fact that you push responsibility, respect, discipline, and accountability.

Jose Mena, Surgeon



We appreciate the emphasis on team. Karate may be an individual sport, but everyone is still a member of the team. The group is both supporting for good things and motivation for improvement for tough situations. This builds spirit and character for all.

Susan and James Shaffette, Non-profit Consultation / Construction Superintendent


I think this is a wonderful program. It teaches discipline, as well as self-defense. I like the idea that instructors encourage good grades, so that there is unity between home and extra curricular activities. Since enrolling at Mandeville Karate, Robert is more respectful, has better manners (without reminders), and his overall attitude has changed. The fact that students in a class are all ages has helped Robert relate with people outside of his own age or age group he normally interacts with.

Marla Lampp, Administration


At the dojo and tournaments, there is a spirit of competition and cooperation. Everyone works together to help all students reach their potential.

Michael O'Brien, Regional Manager


We have noticed an improvement in his attitude and behavior at home since he has been going to your classes.

Maryanne Channing, Teacher





I trained with Sensei Joe Dupaquier 25 years ago. I have such faith and confidence in him I have trusted him with my most precious gift - my child. Thanks Joe!

Dan H.







My son has ADHS and thus has really helped his impulsiveness and self control. His attitude has improved significantly.

Laura Traina




Karate has been a great confidence and self-esteem builder for my son, John McCoy. Rank advancement has been a great source of pride for him and has given him a sense of personal achievement.

Steven W., Engineer



Although my daughter has always been very smart and excelled at any athletic endeavor she tried, her self-esteem was very low. Now she is confident in her activities not only in the dojo but beyond as well.

Leah G.



Mr. Joe, when I left karate, I left because my heart wasn't in the art. Now, I realize that leaving was a mistake and now I want to learn. I hope that eventually I can become a black belt; no matter how long it takes.

Joshua VanHouten, Mandeville Karate student


In just the few weeks that Joshua has been back, his room looks 90% better! He is saying "yes, mam" and "no, sir" more often and looking for ways to help around the house!

Beth VanHouten


Martial Arts is such a big part of LJ's life...he's not the same without! His confidence has grown, he's focused and determined, but most of all, he's proud of his self and his accomplishments. He loves it!

Cheryl Aurelio






Dalton is a completely different child in a very positive way since starting Mandeville Karate at the age of 5. Dalton was a very shy and introverted child. He now has great self-esteem and is competitive, not only in karate, but it has been reflected in his sport activities. We have also noticed improvement with his focus in school and at home.

Mark Guthrie, Manager



Mandeville Karate is a very welcoming facility with dedicated and experienced instructors. The children are encouraged to be the best they can be in karate, in school, and in their home life. Sensei Joe and the instructors, i.e., Mr. Brandon, Jeff, and Travis, portray to the children karate is not just a sport, but a way of life. At Mandeville Karate, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, self defense, teamwork, leadership, and self-reliance; all of which are skills I hope she takes with her and will use the rest of her life.

Sharon Ansardi, Paralegal


My grandson was diagnosed in school with possible ADD and we were told that medication was possibly needed to control his energy. Instead, we enrolled Devin in karate with Joe and his crew. Devin now stands still during idle time and pays attention to instructors. This has been done with no meds - none! Thank you for your help with this. I feel at ease if I have to leave practice; I know Devin is in the best hands possible.

Emile Ron Poissenot, Retired - NOPD


My son, Joseph, was very shy. Mandeville Karate Training Center has improved his confidence and self-esteem. He's more outgoing, less hesitant, and proud of his movements. He's looking forward to becoming a higher rank so that he will be able to assist in teaching.

Brett Marie Moore, Parent Volunteer / Homemaker




Mandeville Karate has provided my son with an outlet for his athleticism apart from team sports, but encouraging team spirit. I like the way his good grades and discipline are reflected on the belts he earns. It's no "belt factory"...achievement must be earned.

Bob Baggs, Corporate Security Advisor


Ashleigh has been studying at Mandeville Karate for almost four years now, and the transformation in her self-esteem and confidence has been remarkable. Not only has she learned a great deal about self-defense, she had made a lot of close friends. She is also in much better shape physically. We highly recommend Mandeville Karateís approach and philosophy. We very much appreciate your patient, hands-on approach to teaching, especially with a child like Ashleigh who is involved in several activities. Thanks for all you do!

Randy Bridges, Engineering Manager


Joe's program provides an organized and systematic method of encouragement and motivation, while preparing his student for life's challenges, both physically and psychologically.

Bruce Danner, Attorney


He's definitely more of a leader; he leads a small group on Sunday's at church. His confidence level has sky rocketed. He's even been able to decrease his ADD medication dose.

Rachael Dietz, Homeschooler



I believe that success in life is created by each individual based on their own merits of accomplishment. My son is a returning student of four years.  He chose to come back not because he had to but because his need to succeed and the feeling of being a part to such an honorable group of people makes him feel that he belongs.  He has achieved his level of success thanks to the hard work, encouragement and goals that are set by the instructors here.  There's no greater feeling than seeing the confidence and joy of success in your Childs eyes.

Katrina Keller, Manager


Kohl has shown very much dedication to karate. I see where Kohl has learned the true meaning of respect for himself as well as others. The instructors have thought Kohl self-motivation through karate. I truly appreciate all the positive that has come from Kohl being a part of Joe Dupaquier's karate team.

Donna Autin, Property Management


Mandeville Karate is the place to be! My husband and I feel fortunate to have such a positive force in our children's lives in our society today. Our children have thrived in this structured, yet positive, environment and have made many new friends. Karate has enhanced our children's lives in the areas of self-confidence, focus, determination and goal achievement. Believe it or not, since I've started karate, my confidence has risen to a new level! This just goes to prove that at MKTC they can even teach old dogs new tricks!

Lori and Claude Lafont , Regional Manager


We are very pleased with our whole experience at Mandeville Karate. The instructors are great and my son had really shown improvement in all areas, mainly attitude and behavior. He's also more confident. This is the first sport he has really stuck with and a lot has to do with the atmosphere here. Everyone here works with is positive and encouraging, even when correcting or disciplining him. He looks forward to each session because he has a great time. His self esteem is growing too. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Dinah and Jim Planchard, Claims Consultant


Mandeville Karate has wonderful involvement with the kids' life at home as well as at school. Everyone is genuine and sincere in their efforts to improve your child's life.

Cullie Grantham, Project Facilitator


Since enrolling in Mandeville Karate, our children have developed increased confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to follow directions while having fun at the same time. They have become more physically fit and mentally focused. Joe and his team take a personal interest in each student and know their individual needs. I was so impressed, I joined myself. Overall, the facility and program is excellent and we recommend MKTC highly.

Jay and Betty Miceli, Account Executive / Accountant


My daughter has never been strong athletically and is easily intimidated in team sports. Since beginning karate (7 months ago) her self-confidence, strength, and coordination have visibly improved. Thanks!


Jonathan and Nicholas started karate last summer as an activity to drop once school started. At the end of the summer, both they and we wanted them to continue. This has been such a confidence building activity for Nicholas.

Stephanie Ruoss


This is my first experience in dealing with the civilian world - as a retired soldier and a now USML family member. I constantly struggle with how civilians work and live. I really like having Peter as a student here because it does remind me of the structure and focus I've spent my entire adult life living and enforcing. My family appreciates the positive training atmosphere promoted in your school - the instructors are an excellent blend of strict and fair - and when our son Peter had to miss three weeks of class due to an illness, we were very pleased with the way he was provided extra instruction in class to help him catch up.

Kayla Pagel


My son has really taken to the program even though he has not shown enthusiasm for other "traditional" sports. I have been very pleased with Jonathan's excitement and devotion to your program.

Chris D., LSU Extension


For several years, our son has had a very hard time controlling his physical behavior. He was constantly bouncing off the walls - doing handstands/gymnastics at inappropriate times - in inappropriate places. In the five months since he has started your program, this behavior has completely stopped. We have been amazed and thrilled. He is listening to our requests and responds the first time with respect. He knows that he is getting better and is very proud. This is a great program! Thank you!

Jay and Dee Binder, Physician / Homemaker


The program has helped Daniel's confidence, especially when dealing bullies; he no longer feels intimidated or threatened. We initially registered Daniel for karate to boost his self-esteem when dealing with other kids. He had great confidence and didn't all these kids to stop him from participating in activities but he always felt miserable and beat down afterwards. Mandeville Karate has given him the skills he needs to feel good about himself and to not allow someone else to "tear him down". We're very pleased with what Mandeville Karate has done to help him.

Annette Gruner


Our daughter struggled with overcoming her learning disabilities. She worked with a speech and language therapist prior to and after her karate enrollment. The therapist noted a remarkable difference in out daughter's focus, attention span, and memory skills when therapy followed a karate class. Succeeding in karate has done wonders for her self-esteem and provides a foundation to grow throughout her life.

Bonita Waesche, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


Charlie shows better behavior in school and at home. He seems to have better manners. Charlie has been doing homework without being told. He seems to be doing better in a lot of ways at home and at school.

Bruce S.


Ryan has become more self confident. His self-esteem seems to be very high and he truly loves to come to karate. It has been nothing but a positive experience for Ryan.

Phil King, Self-employed



March 16, 2004

My son has been coming to Mandeville Karate for almost 2 years now and we wouldn't change a thing !, every aspects of Joe's program is positive and rewarding for Christian. The classes have just the right mix of instruction and fun. I love watching him in action!"
Lori Arcement - C.T. Technologist

"My daughter was aggressive and I had some reserves about her taking karate but she has channeled this aggression and is more confident with herself and is comfortable walking away from a confrontation. The instructors have helped her to improve and to be the best she can be. I also have a son who is more of a quiet person. Karate has given him more confidence and he now is more able to express himself. He loves karate and the instructors."
Kim Villars - R.N.

"I tell everyone I can about Mandeville Karate. I can't say enough about the classes and the FANTASTIC staff. Not only is my son learning great self-defense, but he has come out of his shell and is so much more confident. I think it has been one of the best experiences of my sons life and I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to attend."
Julie Breath - Pre-school Teacher

"Mandeville Karate is a great place for your child to learn karate as well as a positive self-image. The instructors are patient. I enjoy watching the instructors interact with the students. Everyone enjoys being at Mandeville Karate."
Sharon Arnold - Teacher

"I have noticed a considerable improvement in Timmy's attitude and self-esteem. He is very motivated to earn his next belt. Timmy is always eager to attend class because the instructors take such an interest in his improvement."
Karla Parks - mom

"My second grader has gained tremendous self-confidence from his time at Mandeville Karate. With expert instruction, he gets a great workout and has a great time."
Laurie Dennison - mom

"Mandeville Karate has encouraged my child to want to achieve. It has also greatly helped him to overcome shyness in group settings. The instructors care about each student and encourage them to work hard."
Chris Aberle - Lawyer

"Before coming to Mandeville Karate, my daughter Brianna's self-esteem was not very good. She thought she couldn't do anything. Now she is eager to join in new activities with other children. She believes if she just tries, then she has done a good job. I could not have done her justice by myself. All of the Mandeville Karate instructors have given her the confidence to believe in herself. Thank you all for that! "
Frances Nolan - Firefighter

"Karate has motivated my son to do well in school and especially improved his behavior so he could get his honor roll stripe on his belt."
Rachel Waldron - IT Specialist


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