May 2010


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Instructor Training Seminar

10 -11:30 pm

Leadership Team 2,

By Invitation Only








Chanbara & Speed, Strength, Conditioning 6:15 - 7pm

Yellow Stripes and above






TKD Training

Ruston, LA

Leadership Team 2 and up

MKTC will have 2 testing for Black Belt


Mother's Day


 Advanced Training and Sparring

 6:15 - 7pm

for Blue Belts and higher in :

Leadership Team 2

Masters Club


















Weapons & Speed, Strength, Conditioning 6:15 - 7pm

for all Yellow Stripes and above




Palgue 7 Class

for Blue Belts & above in the: Leadership Team 2 & Masters Club

6 - 7pm

Palgue 7 is an awesome form for competitions

Last day of Public Schools


Instructor Training Seminar

10 -11:30 pm

Leadership Team 1 & 2

By Invitation Only




Special Bring

a Friend Class

 6:15 - 7pm

for all Yellow Stripes - Orange in:

Leadership Team 1 only

Must sign up at front desk !!!









for Yellow Stripes and up in the Leadership Team 1 & 2

Masters Club

6:00 - 7:00pm







Memorial Day

Dojo Closed











Printable Calendar (publisher file)


May Birthdays

   May     1   Peter Mariano

   May     3   Mason Carbajal

   May     4   Colin Friend

   May     5   Katherine Green

   May     6   Sean Goodgion

   May     7   Levi Howard

   May   11   Taylor "TJ" Elkins

   May   12   Jack Salvaggio

   May   15   Kyle Dozier

   May   18   Kyle Trombatore

   May   22   Pierson Whitten

   May   30   Doug Lee


April Promotions

To 1st Degree Brown Belt: Rachel Waesche, Bea Weasche

To 3rd Degree Brown Belt: Caleb Landreth

To Purple Belt: Cathy Hunter

To Green Belt: Ryan Gould, Dillon Gitz, Scott Carbajal

To Blue Belt: Charles Ansardi

To Orange Belt: Gabbie Bush, Pierson Whitten

To Yellow Belt: Conner Prinzo, Katherine Green, Alyssa Steib, Brock Steib

Front left: K. G., Charles Asardi, Pierson Whitten, Gabbie Bush, Conner Prinzo, Brock Steib, Alyssa Steib

Middle left: Bea Waesche, Rachel Waesche, Dillon Gitz, Ryan Gould, Caleb Landreth, Scott Carbajal,

Cathy Hunter

rear left (Examiners): Travis Bush, Joe Dupaquier, Monique Dupaquier, Kristin Dupaquier, Bart Loomis

April Dojo Competition


Above - April 17, 2010 Dojo Competition Winners

from left: Grant Holmes, Chase Appe, Ryan Gould,

Jacob Carbajal

March Promotions

To 2nd Degree Brown Belt: Nicholas Miceli.

To 3rd Degree Brown Belt: Kyle Pennino, Jamal London, Summer Malanders.

To Purple Belt: Mason Carbajal.

To Green Belt: Marshall, Unkauf, Jake Bodie, Matthew Medina, Jameson Hussey,

To Blue Belt: Kyle Beckham.

To Orange Belt: TJ Elkins, Dominick Fontana, Hailey Holmes, Ryan Rossi,

Dylan Kingsbury, Katherine Cousins, Nathan Kiern, Trent Hernandez.

To Yellow Belt: Marty Gould, Blake Bullard.

To Yellow Stripe Belt: Rachel Ruoss, Billy Theriot, Justin Paek, Meaghan Gravelle, Ally Couvillion

Front left: Jameson Hussey, Marshall, Unkauf, Dominick Fontana, Katherine Cousins, Trent Hernandez,

Nathan Kiern, Ryan Rossi, Jake Bodie, Matthew Medina.

Middle left: Nicholas Miceli, Mason Carbajal, Jamal London, TJ Elkins, Marty Gould, Blake Bullard,

Hailey Holmes, Dylan Kingsbury, Kyle Beckham, Kyle Pennino, Summer Malanders,

Rear left (Examiners): Monique Dupaquier, Joe Dupaquier, Kristin Dupaquier, Kenneth Cooley,

Dominick Paternostro, Bart Loomis








Front Left: Ally Couvillion, Rachel Ruoss, Justin Paek,

Middle left: Meaghan Gravelle, Billy Theriot

Rear left (instructors): Travis Bush, Kyle Trombatore,

Stephen Barrios.



January Promotions

To Brown Belt: Thomas Cousins (1st), Jonah Boudreaux and Dallas Matamoros (2nd).

To Purple Belt: Peter Mariano, Tyler Gegenheimer.

To Blue Belt: Kyle Trombatore, Dougie Lee, Jacob Carbajal.

To Orange Belt: Sean Cousins, Keri Frisard, Levi Howard, Brandye Cousins.

To Yellow Belt: Marissa Vincent, Pierson Whitten.

To Yellow Stripe Belt: Emily Theriot, Brooke Appe, Alex Canas, Dalton Hanson, Lee Saucier, Alyssa Steib, Chase Theriot,

Kyle Gould, Murdock Mcinnis, Nick Cox, James Hayes.

Front Left: Jacob Carbajal, Kyle Trombatore, Dougie Lee, Pierson Whitten, Brandye Cousins, Keri Frisard,

Marissa Vincent, Levi Howard.

Middle Left: Sean Cousins, Jonah Boudreaux, Dallas Matamoros, Tyler Gegenheimer, Peter Mariano,

Thomas Cousins

Rear Left (Examiners): Travis Bush, Monique Dupaquier, Joe Dupaquier, Kristin Dupaquier, Grace Hebert,

Bart Loomis, Dominick Paternostro.

New Yellow Stripe Belts

Front Left: Lee Saucier, Alex Canas, Brooke Appe, Alyssa Steib, Dalton Hanson

Second Row: Nick Cox, James Hayes, Chase Theriot, Emily Theriot, Kyle Gould, Murdock Mcinnis.


December Promotions

To Brown Belt: Kyle Dozier (2nd), Joey Medina (3rd).

To Purple Belt: Jonathan Dunaway.

To Green Belt: Stephen Barrios.

To Blue Belt: Dillon Gitz, Skylar Re', Easton Baird, Ross Allbritton, Ryan Gould, Patrick Strom, Connor Kuhn, Samuel Jones.

To Orange Belt: Matt Richardson, Ben Richardson.

To Yellow Belt: Ryan Rossi, Chase Appe

"Success doesn't come to go to it."

December 11 Belt Test

Front left: Dillon Gitz, Skylar Re', Easton Baird, Ross Allbritton, Ryan Gould, Patrick Strom,

Connor Kuhn, Samuel Jones.

Middle left: Ryan Rossi, Chase Appe, Matt Richardson, Ben Richardson, Kyle Dozier, Joey Medina,

Michael Harrison, Jonathan Dunaway, Stephen Barrios.

Back left: (Examiners): Travis Bush, Monique Dupaquier, Kenneth Cooley, Kristin Dupaquier,

Grace Hebert, Joe Dupaquier.



November Promotions

MKTC's Newest Black Belts

On November 20 & 21 hundreds of Tae Kwon Do students gathered

in Vail/Eagle, Colorado for the 2009 Winter Tae Kwon Do Winter Training.

 9th Degree Black Belt, Dr David Jordan Hosted the event with Colorado

instructor James Lee, a former MKTC student before opening his own dojo.

Sensei Dupaquier was a guest instructor at the event an 3 MKTC students

tested with 24 other candidates for various levels of Black Belt.

To Youth Black Belt: Dominick Paternostro

To Junior Black Belt: Grace Hebert

To 1st Degree Black Belt: Kristin Dupaquier



7 Youth Graduate

Beginners Program

On November 19, 7 students graduated the beginners

program earning Yellow Stripe Belts and moving into the

Intermediate Program.

From Left: Katherine Greene, Sydney Scales, Adam

Oosterling, Brock Steib, James Plaisance, Brittany

Beard,  Jonathan Scholl.


2 Graduate the Adult

Beginners Program

On November 19, 2 students graduated the beginners

program earning Yellow Stripe Belts moved into the

Adult Intermediate Program.

Wayne Steib, Marty Gould.

picture forthcoming




October Promotions

"Success doesn't come to go to it."

October 30 Belt Test

Front left: Dylan Fisher, Tyler Fisher, Nathan Kiern, Trent Hernandez, Dominick Fontana.

Middle left: Kristin Dupaquier, Grant Holmes, Dominick Paternostro, Scott Carbajal, Grace Hebert.

Back left: (Examiners) Joe Dupaquier, Monique Dupaquier, Trevor Buck, Bart Loomis, Travis Bush.

Not Pictured: Hailey Holmes.


To Purple Belt: Grant Holmes

To Blue Belt: Scott Carbajal

To Orange Belt: Dylan Fisher, Tyler Fisher

To Yellow Belt: Hailey Holmes, Dominick Fontana, Trent Hernandez, Nathan Kiern


3 were approved to test for black belts next month in Colorado on Nov 20 & 21:

Kristin Dupaquier (from Jr to Adult Black), Grace Hebert (Jr Black), Dominick Paternostro (Youth Black)

Louisiana State Championships

   Mandeville Karate Training Center had an awesome showing at the 2009 State Championships

Chase Appe: 3rd in Sparring

Stephen Barrios: 3rd in Sparring

Kenneth Cooley: 4th in Sparring, 1st in Forms

Dominick Paternostro: 1st in Weapons, 1st in Forms

Joe Dupaquier: 1st and Grand Champion in Forms

Kristin Dupaquier: 2nd in Forms, 3rd in Sparring

Ben Richardson: 3rd in Chambara, 1st in Sparring



Matt Richardson: 4th in Chambara

Kyle Dozier: 1st Sparring, 4th in Forms

Ryan Gould: 1st in Forms

Grace Hebert: 1st in Sparring, 4th in Forms

Trent Hernandez: 3rd in Forms

Grant Holmes: 3rd in Sparring




October 17 Dojo Competition



Scott Carbajal, Conner Kuhn, Kyle Pennino, Ryan Gould, Eason Baird, Chase Appe,

Katherine Cousins, and Michael Harrison.  






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