April 2007


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March 30


March 31

6:15 Sparring (Bronze & up) will include: Speed/ Footwork

April 1

6:15 Beginner Weapons (Bo)


Speed, Strength, Conditioning, 6:15 - 7:15

Black Belt and Masters Club Only


6:15 Black Belt Club training

will include: Sweeps & Judo Throws




Extra Training

Speed, Strength, Conditioning,

Bronze & Up

10 - 11am




6:15 Sparring (Bronze & up) will include: Angles


6:15 Advanced Weapons

Bo / Tunfa / Sai / Nunchaku


Speed, Strength, Conditioning, 6:15 - 7:15

Black Belt and Masters Club Only


Belt Test

6:15pm, by invitation

6:15 Black Belt Club training

will include: Flying Kicks


Circuit Training

Tournament Emphasis

Bronze & Up



Karate Tournament

The Colony, TX





6:15 Sparring (Bronze & up) will include: Deceptive Movements and Techniques


6:15 Beginner Weapons (Bo)


Speed, Strength, Conditioning

Black Belt and Masters Club Only

6:15 - 7:15pm


6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Advanced Ground Fighting


Adv Open Training

Master's Club Only, 4:15pm

Dojo Competition

Bronze & Up

7:30-9pm (Must pre-register)









6:15 Advanced Weapons

Bo / Tunfa / Sai / Nunchaku


Speed, Strength, Conditioning

Black Belt and Masters Club Only

6:15 - 7:15pm


6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Extreme One-Steps


Adv Open Training

Master's Club Only, 4:15pm


Karate Tournament

Bossier City, LA





6:15 Sparring (Bronze & up) will include: 2 on 1


6:15 Beginner Weapons (Bo)


Speed, Strength, Conditioning, 6:15 - 7:15

Black Belt and Masters Club Only

May 1    

6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Board Breaking


May 2


May 3

Extra Training

Speed, Strength, Conditioning,

Bronze & Up

10 - 11am



Printable Calendar (publisher file)

    April Birthdays

  April  1   Juan Pablo Cortes                     April  1   Dominic Neill

  April  2   Bailey Saucier                            April  3   Brett Rooks

  April  8   Daniel Wieseneck                     April  11  Benjamin Plauche

  April  12  Caleb Landreth                         April  12  Kyle Foucha

  April  15  Zachary Azuara                        April  18  Lauren Tastet

  April  21  Pauli Cortes                             April  24  Paxton Bohn

  April  26  Taylor MacEachern                 April  27  Cameron Meserole

  April  30  Kyle Pennino


April Dojo Competition Results

The most recent dojo competition was held April 18the and was fast paced and fun. We had four events: Flying kicks, Forms, Sword Fighting, and a Physical  Challenge with included jump rope, over/unders, back & forths, pushups, knee bends, and punching endurance. A special thanks to our Coordinator Travis Bush, our Head Referee Brandon Pohlmann, and our judges Leo Labourdette, Ashleigh Bridges, Bea Waesche, Dallas Matamoros, Kristin Dupaquier, Kyle Dozier, Katie Cousins.

And this month's champions are..................................

April Promotions




6 Members of the beginners program earned their yellow striped belts and graduated to the intermediate programs.


Pictured to the right are Joshua Lafontaine, Jonathan Hulett and Joseph Scott from the April 24th test.

Pictured below are Quinton Cousin, Nicole Albert from the April 22nd test. Not pictured: Cameron Meserole.



The monthly belt test was held on April 10. 15 individuals were invited and all passed after a grueling two hour extravaganza which included basics, forms, flying kicks, sparring and multiple sparring against two opponents for Jay and Summer.


To Purple Belt: Jay Miceli.

To Green Belt: Summer Malanders.

To Blue Belt: Sean Goodgion, Daniel Wieseneck, Justin Ronquillo, Christian Dietz, Lauren Tastet, Mason Carbajal, Ashton Burger.

To Orange Belt: Stacey Wieseneck, Amy, Wieseneck, Reagan Hill, Paris Weathersby.

To Yellow Belt:  Cameron Wise, Jacqueline Strom. 

Front Left: Reagan Hill, Ashton Burger, Daniel Wieseneck, Summer Malanders, Mason Carbajal, Lauren Tastet, Justin Ronquillo

Middle Left: Cameron Wise, Christian Dietz, Paris Weathersby, Jacqueline Strom, Stacey Wieseneck, Amy Wieseneck, Sean Goodgion, Jay Miceli.

Rear Left(Examiners) : Joe Dupaquier, Monique Dupaquier, Kristin Dupaquier, Jeffery Pohlmann, Eric Pohlmann, Travis Bush, Leo Labourdette.

National Championships

The National Championships were held in Albuquerque on March 28 - 30. Although MKTC only sent a few students, they represented us well and had a blast competing and perticipating in seminars hosted by world class instructors.


(L) Dominick Paternostro won the National Title in Jr Weapons & 3rd in team sparring.

(C) Monique Dupaquier placed 2nd in forms.

(R) Sensei Demura's Demo was, once again, spectacular. He was assisted by our old friend Tan.


Joe, Monique and Dominick spent time in various seminars throughout the weekend including Fumio Demura's Shuri-te / Naha-te seminar, Glenn Keeney's Goju-Ryu self defense seminar, two Mr and Mrs Heilman's weapons seminars and Greg Holmes' Gracie Jujitsu Seminar.



HOT Summer Kamps

5 Weeks available     May 26 - June 27

                                                      Activities Include:

Karate, 2 classes per day                                              Endurance / Strength Training

  How to Handle Bullies Program.                                   Character / Leadership Building

  Language Arts / Math (prep for next school year)        Arts & Crafts, Games and more

$125 per week or $35 per day

Choose a week or come all 5


Spring Break Kamp

Seminars in Colorado

Sensei Dupaquier attended the Colorado State Championships on Saturday March 1 hosted by former MKTC standout James Lee. Sunday, Sensei taught three seminars at Mr Lee's dojo. The first seminar was on Tae Kwon Do advanced sparring concepts and advanced one-steps, the second was Nunchaku, the third was Pyong An Sai. Monday, Sensei took Samantha to visit the infamous, Colorado School of Mines.

February Dojo Competition

Mandeville Karate's February Dojo Competition was held on the 29th. During the two hour event Travis challenged the 20 competitors with difficult but fun variations such as Physical Fitness Drills, Coordination Drills, One-Steps and Forms.

And your winners are:

Front left: Kyle Pennino, Daniel Wieseneck, Devin Poissenot

Back left: Christian Dietz, Dallas Matamoros, Aaron Williams

A Special Thanks to the coordinators: Travis Bush, Monique Dupaquier, and the judges: Sophie Goodgion, Ashleigh Bridges, Dominick Paternostro, Thomas Marlbrough, Josh VanHouten, Rachel Waesche, Katie Miceli, Kyle Dozier, and James Baggs.

February Promotions

Mandeville Karate's monthly belt test was held on February 28th. 11 hard working students were invited to participate and after a two hour test were promoted to new ranks.

To 1st Degree Brown Belt: Timmy Parks.

To 3rd Degree Brown Belt: Robert Lampp, Matthew O'Brien.

To Blue Belt: Daniel Landreth, Peter Cassady.

To Orange Belt: Matthew Aupied, Michael Harrison, Tyler Gegenheimer, Aaron Williams.

To Yellow Belt:  Emily Boylan, Benjamin Gurley 


.Front left: Emily Boylan, Aaron Williams, Michael Harrison, Matthew Aupied, Tyler Gegenheimer, Benjamin Gurley

Middle left: Timmy Parks, Matthew O'Brien, Robert Lampp, Peter Cassady, Daniel Landreth.

Back Left (examiners): Joe Dupaquier (7th degree), Monique Dupaquier (3rd degree), Brandon Pohlmann(2nd Degree), Travis Bush (4th degree), Kristin Dupaquier (Jr Black)

Upcoming Tournaments:  




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