April 2007






















PKC Championships

Indianapolis, In


PKC Championships

Indianapolis, In


Labor Day

Dojo Closed









6:15 Black Belt Club training

will include:  Joint Locks



Open Training

Informal Workout

Black Belt and

Masters Club Only



Extra Training

Bronze Program and up


Fitness Evaluation

Masters Club Only





6:15 Bronze & up Class training will include:

Grabs and Sweeps







6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Tournament Training



Open Training

Informal Workout

Masters Club Only



Karate Tournament

Mandeville, La







6:15 Bronze & up Class training will include:

Trapping and Catching Drills








6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Knife Defense



Dojo Competition

Bronze and Up


(Must Sign Up)


See the 9/21 edition of the St Tammany News for their article on Sensei Dupaquier


Ladies Self Defense Clinic

  • Free Workshop

  • Bring a Friend

  • Learn Simple Ways to Defend

Open to Females 12 and Up






6:15 Bronze & up Class training will include:







Belt Test

6:15pm (By Invitation)


6:15 Black Belt Club training will include:

Sparring 2 & 3 attackers





Train with Sensei

Sweat along with me through a good ole workout.  NO Whining !!!

Black Belt and Masters Program





WEEKLY ADDITIONAL TRAINING (Available through the Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, and Gold programs)









Sparring Class
Bronze, Bronze Plus

Black Belt Club

Masters Club

Weapons 6:15pm

Bronze, Bronze Plus

Black Belt Club

Masters Club

1st, 3rd, & 5th Tues

Black Belt Club

Masters Club

2nd & 4th Tues

Strength, Speed,

Conditioning Class


Black Belt Club

Masters Club

(Silver and Gold)

Advanced Training


Black Belt Club

Masters Club

(Silver and Gold)


September Birthdays

9/2       Sophie Goodgion              9/6        Abigail Lafont

9/7       Brittany Dupaquier

9/8       Robert Lampp                  9/10       Bart Loomis

9/11     Alex Traina                       9/11       James Baggs

9/16     Jodi Caton                        9/17       Ryan Hill

9/23     Monique Dupaquier          9/24       Lucas Waldron

9/28     Melissa Carbajal               9/29       Joshua Van Houten

St Tammany News Features Joe Dupaquier and MKTC

Friday September 21 - Pick up a copy

The Story was done by Chris Kincaid of the Sports Section

Online story available at: http://www.thesttammanynews.com/articles/2007/09/21/sports/sports01.txt



Mandeville Karate Training center

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd             9am - 11am

The MKTC staff and advanced female students at Mandeville Karate will be hosting a seminar to benefit the community.

In as little as two hours, we will cover facts about the current styles of crime against women and children, learn self defense techniques, and practice applications. This clinic is free of charge and anyone ages 12+ is welcome!

Make sure and reserve your spot by stopping by and signing up at the front desk or call (985)626-7608


Black and Brown Belt Fitness Evaluation (2nd Edition)

Saturday, September 22nd      11:00 am - Noon          MKTC

This is a make up evaluation for those who missed on September 8. It is Mandatory for any Black or Brown belt who missed on September 8 and open to any Black or Brown Belt who would like to be retested.

Be prepared to:

      run a mile, (tennis shoes, running attire, etc..)

      do timed push ups

      do timed sit ups

Any one unable to attend will need to give notification, so that we may schedule a make-up evaluation. 


Sept 15th Tournament Pictures

Wednesday, Sept 19 and Thursday, Sept 20     (during your class)

We did not get enough pictures at the tournament this weekend and would like to take pictures of the students with their trophies on Wednesday and Thursday during regularly scheduled classes (5:15 and 7:15)

A good time was had by all and everyone looked motivated to train even harder. Here is those who placed in the top 4:


Binder, Andrew: 1st Forms, 4th Sparring

Boudreaux, Jonah: 4th Sparring, 3rd Forms

Cassady, Peter: 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring

Caton, Jodi: 3rd Forms, 1st Sparring

Copping, Pete: 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring

Cortes, Juan Pablo: 4th Sparring

Cortes, Pauli: 2nd Sparring, 1st Forms

Cousins, Katie: 4th Forms

Dozier, Kyle: 1st Sparring, 4th Forms

Dupaquier, Kristin: 3rd Sparring, 2nd Forms, 2nd Weapons

Garrett, Jon: 2nd Sparring, 1st Forms

Goodgion, Jacob: 2nd Forms

Goodgion, Sean: 1st Forms, 1st Sparring

Goodgion, Sophie: 1st Forms, 1st Sparring

Hebert, Grace: 2nd Sparring,        4th Weapons, 1st Forms

Heurtin, Jackson: 3rd Forms, 2nd Sparring

Hunter, Aaron: 4th Forms, 4th Sparring

Hunter, Cathy: 2nd Forms

Hunter, Rachael: 3rd Sparring, 3rd Forms

Jones, Tyler: 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring

Kattawar, Hunter: 3rd Forms, 1st Sparring

King, Ryan: 2nd Forms, 4th Sparring, 1st Weapons

Landreth, Caleb: 2nd Weapons, 2nd Forms

Landreth, Daniel: 3rd Sparring, 3rd Forms, 3rd Weapons

Loomis, Bart: 2nd Weapons, 1st Sparring, 1st Forms

Malanders, Summer: 1st sparring, 2nd forms

McNeal, Reese:  4th Forms

Miceli, John "Jay": 2nd Forms, 1st Sparring

Miceli, Katie: 3rd Sparring, 4th Forms

Neill, Dominic: 2nd forms, 1st sparring

O'Brien, Matthew: 3rd sparring, 4th forms

Paternostro, Dominick: 1st forms, 1st weapons, 2nd sparring

Peffer, Audrianna: 3rd forms, 3rd sparring

Phares, Abbegayle: 1st forms, 2nd sparring

Pohlmann, Brandon: 4th weapons, 2nd forms

Pohlmann, Eric: 1st sparring, 1st forms

Pohlmann, Jeffrey: 4th Forms

Poissenot, Devin: 4th forms, 3rd sparring

Provins, Payton: 2nd forms, 1st sparring

Ruoss, Jonathan: 1st sparring, 3rd forms

Ruoss, Nicholas: 3rd weapons, 2nd forms, 2nd sparring

Tastet, Lauren: 3rd forms, 2nd sparring

Todd, Dillon Michael: 1st forms, 3rd sparring

VanHouten, Joshua: 3rd forms, 2nd sparring

Waesche, Beatrice: 3rd forms, 1st sparring

Wieseneck, Daniel: 1st sparring, 4th weapons, 1st forms

Williams, Aaron: 1st forms, 1st sparring




















More September 15 Tournament Pictures


Midwest workouts and PKC Competition

Sensei Dupaquier's spent a week during the Labor Day Holiday training at some of the premier dojos in the Ohio and Indiana area prior to the PKC Championships.

Joe with karate legend Parker Shelton of Ft Wayne, Indiana                                         Joe with Tom Awad of Cincinnati, Ohio

Sensei Dupaquier placed 1st in kata (forms) and 2nd in kumite (sparring) and won kata Grand Champion at the PKC Internationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mr Dupaquier was also an honored guest at the PKC Banquet.

August Promotions

19 individuals had the privilege of being invited to participate in the Thursday, August 23 belt test. The two hour belt exam included Forms, Sparring, Basics, Board Breaking, and Sparring against two attackers for the more experienced students. The promoted students are pictured below with the examination board.

Front (left): Ashton Burger to orange belt, Justin Ronquillo to yellow belt, Chelsea Bush to yellow belt, Cody Gonzales to yellow belt, Vic Gonzales to yellow belt, Christopher Gonzales to yellow belt, Sean Goodgion to yellow belt, Andrew Binder to orange belt.

Middle (left): Lauren Tastet to orange belt, Jon Garrett to green belt, Jay Miceli to green belt, Kyle Pennino to orange belt, Joshua Planchard to orange belt, Kyle Dozier to purple belt, Jonah Boudreaux to purple belt, Nicholas Miceli to purple belt, Katie Cousins to purple belt, Will Rodgers to brown belt, Joey Medina to orange belt.

Back (left): Examiners: Jeffrey Pohlmann, Steve Fischer, Monique Dupaquier, Kristin Dupaquier, Joe Dupaquier, Leo Labourdette, Travis Bush.


Ladies Self Defense Seminar

On Saturday, August 18, Travis Bush with the assistance of Black Belts: Monique Dupaquier and Micah James hosted a FREE two hour self defense seminars open to all females in the community. A fun time was had by all and everyone left feeling a bit more knowledgeable and confident. Our next workshop will be in September.


A special thanks to assistant instructors: D'Ann Stephens, Rachel Hunter, Bart Loomis, Grace Hebert, Abby Phares, Lori Lafont, Cathy Hunter, Katie Cousins and Katie Miceli.



World Championship Results

August 3, 4, 5

   Aurelio, L.J.

   2nd Musical Forms Musical Forms

   2nd 8-9 M/F Intermediate Forms

   2nd 8-9 Boys Advanced Sparring

   3rd 9 and under Weapons

   Boynton, Raeann

   1st 10-11 Girls Advanced Sparring

   Bush, Travis

   2nd Black Belt Men Forms

   Delle, Walter

   2nd 16-17 M/F Advanced Forms

   Dupaquier, Joe

   2nd Black Belt Men Sparring

   1st Black Belt Men Weapons

   3rd Black Belt Men Forms

   Dupaquier, Kristin

   2nd 14-15 M/F Advanced Forms

   Dupaquier, Monique

   2nd Black Belt Women Forms

   Garrett, Jon

   4th Colored Belt Men Forms

   Goodgion, Sean

   3rd Novice Men Forms

   4th Novice Men Sparring

   Goodgion, Sophie

   2nd 12-13 M/F Inter Forms

   1st 12-13 Girls Advanced Sparring

   Hunter, Cathy

   4th Novice Women Forms

   Labourdette, Leo

   3rd Black Belt Men Sparring

   LaMartina, Joey

   3rd Black Belt Men Sparring

   Miceli, John

   3rd Colored Belt Men Forms

   4th Colored Belt Men Sparring

   Miceli, Katie

   3rd 12-13 Girls Advanced Sparring

   O'Brien, Matthew

   2nd 16-17 Boys Advanced Sparring

   2nd Continuous Sparring

   O'Brien, Michael

   4th Novice Men Forms

   3rd Novice Men Sparring

   Paternostro, Dominick

   1st 8-9 M/F Intermediate Forms

   Peffer, Audrianna

   4th 12-13 Girls Beg Sparring

   Planchard, Joshua

   4th 10-11 M/F Beginning Forms

   Pohlmann, Eric

   1st 16-17 Boys Advanced Sparring

   Ruoss, Jonathan

   1st 8-9 Boys Beginning Sparring

   Stephens, D'Ann

   4th Senior Kyu Women 35+ Sparring

   Wieseneck, Daniel

   4th 6-7 M/F Beginning Forms

   4th 9 and under Weapons

   Travis Bush / Brandon Pohlmann / Jeffrey Pohlmann

   2nd Place, 3 Person Team Sparring (Black Belt)

   Summer Malanders / Daniel Wieseneck / Mason Carbajal

   4th Place, 3 Person Team Forms


More World Championship Pictures

Upcoming Tournaments:  




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