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Here's what one parent has to say about us:

"My daughter was aggressive and I had some reserves about her taking karate but she has channeled this aggression and is more confident with herself and is comfortable walking away from a confrontation. The instructors have helped her to improve and to be the best she can be. I also have a son who is more of a quiet person. Karate has given him more confidence and he now is more able to express himself. He loves karate and the instructors."

Kim Villars - R.N.

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 Head Instructor

8th degree Black Belt
Tae Kwon Do

4th degree Black Belt (Yondan) Okinawan Kobudo

Joe Dupaquier grew up in Mandeville, LA. He graduated from Mandeville High School in 1980, and began training in Tae Kwon Do in 1981 while attending Louisiana Tech University. He received his 1st degree black belt from Dr David Jordan while attending Louisiana Tech University in
December of 1983. He graduated from Tech in May of 1984 and returned home to Mandeville to pursue his dream of becoming an architect.

After three months of working for an architectural firm and searching the area for a new place to practice his karate, he followed the advice of his instructor,

contacted Mandeville High School and began teaching karate through the Continuing Education Department in September of 1984. And so was born, the Mandeville Karate Training Center.

Mr. Dupaquier is a certified United States Karate Alliance (USKA) instructor. He received his 2nd degree black belt in 1985, 3rd degree in 1987, 4th degree in 1990 after winning both the National Point and World Light Weight Sparring titles, 5th degree on a Saturday in July and on Sunday won the most prestigious title in the world by winning the World Black Belt Grand Champion Title where he fought other black belt weight

class winners who outweighed him by as much as 80lbs! At the 1999 National Championships, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was promoted to 6th degree, after 5 of his 13 students in attendance won National Titles.


He is currently the Regional Representative for the United States Karate

Alliance and oversees all tournaments, activities, and promotions in a 5 state area.


Although Mr. Dupaquier has an impressive competition record which includes:
22 individual World titles; 9 sparring, 9 forms, 4 weapons, as well as winning 5 team titles while on the US team
12 National titles; 7 sparring, 3 forms, 2 weapons, 3 grand championships (sparring)
11 National Point titles;
3 sparring, 4 forms, 4 weapons

24 Louisiana State titles; 5 sparring, 10 forms, 9 weapons, 5 grand championships (sparring), 2 grand championships (forms)
23 Individual Louisiana State Point titles; 11 sparring, 6 forms, 6 weapons

...he has, in recent years, been concentrating on his teaching abilities as well as the growth of the Mandeville Karate team. In 1995, Mandeville Karate won

its first ever National Team Championship. In 1997-1999, Mandeville Karate was again named National Team Champions, and Mr. Dupaquier was named 1997's "Instructor of the Year". Mandeville Karate and Mr. Dupaquier both repeated in 1998 and 1999.

In 1997, Mr. Dupaquier began expanding his weapons knowledge by training at various IKKF seminars and events as well as spending time at IKKF Headquarters training with 9th degree black belt, C. Bruce Heilman a student of Master Seikichi Odo of Okinawa, Japan, a 10th degree black belt in Karate & Kobudo

On January 26th, 2002 Mr. Dupaquier received his weapons certification (Shodan in Kobudo) by completing testing on bo, sai, tunfa, and nunchaku. In 2004 He tested for and recieved his 2nd degee (Nidan) in weapons and in July in 2006 earned his Sandan, 3rd degree weapons black belt. In June of 2009, he accomplished his 4th degree in weapons as well as his Renshi, Weapons Teaching License, which included in-depth knowledge of kama, nunte-bo, and tekkos. He has recently aded the study of eiku (Okinawan oar).



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